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No matter you are a hardcore lover of Microsoft or you think it is a bit less than being your favorite, you can’t deny the power of the same in the business. From start-ups to the giant enterprises, the primary products of Microsoft are PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and much more are ubiquitous.

In general, all the IT pros have a deep interest in finding more and more about Microsoft office. In this article, I am going to specifically talk about Microsoft Office 2013 and the product key for the same.

But before that, let’s have a brief look at the key features that office 2013 brings with it.

Office 2013 product key

Microsoft office 2013 product key


1. Connect to cloud and content :

If signed in, the office saves your data to the cloud by default thus being easily accessible from all the devices using by just a link making all content available to you whenever you want wherever you want. Being on the cloud, the backup issue is also taken care of.

2. Easy selection of templates :

Okay, I know templates are not new, but the office 2013 presents the templates in a whole new way.

It saves you from the headache of template hunt, by displaying all the templates as soon as you open the application.

3. Auto bookmarks :

Has it ever happened to you that you closed a document, only to reopen it and spend time finding out where were you last working on?

Well, office 2013 solves this problem by offering you the last location feature for Word and Powerpoint.

The feature bookmarks your last position making it simpler to resume the work from the very last location.


Though the old method of installing software by making payment is the best among all, not many people afford to pay so much, and that’s why this article will help them out. Below are the MS Office 2013 product keys :





Find below the serial number of Office 2013 :





Below are the product keys for Office 2013 professional plus





The method of activation :

There are two methods of activation as below.

Method 1 :

Step 1: Go to file, then click on “help” and then on “activate product key.”

Step 2: Once you have clicked on “activate product key,” an activation wizard pop-up will show up in front of you.

All you need to do is to follow the mentioned steps and submit the product key Office 2013 or the serial key.

Method 2 :

For those who want to activate by their phone, below mentioned method will work

Step 1 : Go to file -> help ->activate product key

Step 2: Similar to method 1, an activation wizard box will show up in which select “I want to activate the software by telephone.”

Now select the country and region, and you will find the toll free number.

Step 3: Once you have selected the option of phone verification and got the contact number, you will have to make the call while keeping your product ID and billing address in hand as these two details will be asked during the call.

Once the verification is finish, they will provide you the confirmation ID.

Step 4: Now submit the confirmation ID you got from the call and submit it in the activation wizard box and hit enter and you are done.

I hope you got what you are looking for so go ahead and enjoy the excellent features of office 2013 and if you like the article, share it with your friends too. ?

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